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Rent a car for 1 month and get an excellent rate

Rent a car for 1 month and get an excellent rate

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Rent a car for 1 month and get an excellent rate
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At we have no limits! In a single platform Compare, Reserve and Save. We know everything at Rent a Car. At you will always find your ideal rental car. Rent a car for 1 month and get great rates.

What do they require of me to rent a vehicle?

1. Be an adult over 25 years old and under 75 years old

2. Valid passport or National Identity Document

3. Valid Driving License (National or Foreign) of all the people who are going to drive the vehicle at least 1 year old. In the event that the Driving License is not in Roman alphabet, an International Driving Permit must be presented.

4. Credit Card as guarantee / deposit of the Rental Contract, with available space from 1 million pesos onwards (this amount varies depending on the rental company) at the time of picking up the vehicle. The deposit will be released at the end of the rental period, as long as the vehicle is returned in the same conditions as it was delivered. Keep in mind that: due to fluctuations in the exchange rate and other possible bank administrative fees, neither the rental company nor will be responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount refunded.

Fuel and washing

The vehicles are delivered full of fuel and washed and must be returned in the same conditions.

What should I pay at the counter before picking up the vehicle?

Additional Services: In some cases the "Total Value" differs from the "Value to pay online", and this is due to the value of additional services such as GPS, baby chair, among others. These must be paid at the time of picking up the vehicle

Additional Driver Surcharge: The main driver is the one who signs the contract and is the owner of the Credit Card. If someone else wants to drive the vehicle, they will have a surcharge as an “additional driver”.

Young Driver Surcharge: On the other hand, some rental companies may have a Young Driver Surcharge, that is, for those between 21 and 24 years old.

Surcharge for delivery to another branch: It is the charge that arises when renting a vehicle at one branch and returning it to another. The cost is related to the expenses of returning the vehicle to the branch from which it was picked up.

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