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Mex Rent a Car

Mex Rent a Car is a car rental company founded in Mexico in 1994. Today it is considered the largest car rental network in Mexico, with a presence in the main cities, airports, tourist areas, and urban areas of the country. Similarly, {{rental_name}} has a significant presence in the car rental market in other tourist destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. {{rental_name}} has received several awards for its customer service, quality, and commitment to the environment. At you can rent a car in Colombia with the rental company Mex Rent a Car. The cheapest car model for rent in {{name_city}} is a {{name_model_mas_barato}} and you can rent it for COP $ 115.078 per day.

Book your rental car with {{rental_name}} in {{city_name}} and move with a reliable and respectable company in the car rental market in México and Latin America.

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Recommendations for renting a car in Bogotá

• If you book a rental car in Bogotá in advance you can find a better rate. Currently the cheapest car rental rate in Bogotá is COP $ 115.078

• Make sure that the car rental company in Bogotá provides you with a list of authorized places to return the vehicle.

• Verify speed restrictions, license plate day (pico y placa), road safety regulations and traffic rules in the city before renting a car in Bogotá

• When renting a car in Bogotá, keep in mind the distance of your location from the place where you want to pick it up and where you want to return the vehicle the last day, in order to deliver it in the established time.

• Always keep in mind the number of people and luggage when renting a car in Bogotá in order to choose a vehicle from the correct range to make your trip comfortable.

• Remember that you can find the following car rental companies in Bogotá: Localiza,Vaya,Royal Renta a Car Bogota

Requirements to rent a car in Bogotá

• The minimum age required to rent a car at Bogotá is 21 years old.

• Each driver must present a valid driver's license, national, international or from the country of origin on the counter at the time of picking up the car from the rental office in Bogotá.

• Each driver must present his/her original identification: Citizenship card, foreigner's card or valid passport.

• The holder of the reservation must present a Visa, Master Card, Diners or American Express credit card as a guarantee with available funds from $1,000,000 for small/medium size vehicles (varies according to the rental company) and $3,500,000 for PickUp or SUV size vehicles (varies according to the rental company). Rental companies in Bogotá do not accept credit cards in the name of third parties. The credit card deposit is held to endorse the rental contract. It will be held until your rental finishes as long as all conditions have been met.

• Remember to show the booking confirmation voucher that sends to your email, at the car rental office in Bogotá. This in order to confirm with the agency all the services agreed in the car rental, such as: payment conditions, rates, discounts and the availability of the selected vehicle.

Important information

Each renter in Bogotá has its own policies and it is advisable to read the requirements of the selected rental company before presenting yourself to pick up the rental vehicle


  • ¿What type of car is rented the most in Bogotá?
    The most rented car during the last 30 days in Bogotá is Chevrolet Spark GT
  • ¿How much does it cost to rent an Economy car in Bogotá?
    A Economy car rental in Bogotá costs $ COP 115.329 per day, on average.
  • ¿How much does it cost to rent a car for a month in Bogotá?
    On average a rental car in Bogotá costs $ COP 115.329 per month
  • ¿What car rental agencies can I find in Bogotá?
    According to user ratings, the best car rental agencies in Bogotá are Mex Rent a Car con (5,0/5), Auto Colombiana con (4,8/5), y Localiza con (4,6/5)
  • How can I find rental cars near me in Bogotá?
    You can locate on our map the rental agency in Bogotá that is closest to you or your destination.
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